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Hi, I'm Ruby, founder and Artistic Director of Wild Rabbit. 

I run my classes and offer my mentorship with the aim of encouraging self-expression, artistry, mastery and playfulness. 

I work with each individual to help them with confidence, awareness of others, and awareness of themselves. It's a joy to see my students and clients flourish and grow as they train in the physical, imaginal and emotional realms. 

I mentor and teach in a few fields (which all overlap anyway):

  • Theatre/Acting

  • Mentality/Mindset

  • Yoga & Heath/Wellness

  • Team Building

I also work with businesses to help them create better experiences for their customers. (couldn't fit that one in a bullet point)

My teaching stems from a lifetime of being involved in the performing arts, with a strong foundation in physical theatre. I trained with Nelson company Body in Space for 5 years before going to Melbourne to experience the Full Time Actor's training. My passion then took me to London and then on to Edinburgh Fringe, and on the way back home to NZ I stopped in India and completed my Yoga Teacher Training. I have performed in and directed a number of different styles of shows, including scripted drama, physical ensemble work, puppetry, improv, emceeing and immersive theatre.

My style is a mixture of very open and expressive teaching coming from within a firm framework within which to play. I teach and coach with high-energy, and absolutely love the discoveries, magic and joy that comes from my students. 

I live in a little cottage on a farm in Upper Moutere, where I read fascinating books, drink lots of tea and eat plenty of 90% chocolate. 

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