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Wild Yoga is a breath-focused flow,

uniting movement with breath

to centre the heart,

still the mind and activate the body. 

It’s a time to let go of the whirlwind of the day, 

the thoughts in your mind, 

the responsibilities and expectations, 

and do something very important - clear your thinking space. 

Or as my yoga teacher told me when I was doing my certification in the Himalayas,

"relax your consciounessness.” (no, that’s not a spelling error). 

The classes are designed with the beginner in mind,

so even if it’s your first time -

you’ll be able to ease into it and won’t be asked to put your toes behind your ears. 

Everybody’s body is different

(no right or wrong here),

and that’s taken into account.

I offer modifications for most moves, meaning you can find what feels good (yay!). 

In other words, you can stretch in such a way that feels right for you,

and gently encourage your body to soften and relax into each posture.

There’s no prize for the most flexible person on earth (that I know of),

and I won’t be giving them out in class either. 

I cater for all levels of fitness, but this class isn’t a fitness class.

It’s certainly going to help you in your strength, balance and flexibility, but overall it’s about something deeper -

something a box’n’burn class won’t give you (sorry CityFitness). 

A chance to connect with your Self. 

To dig a little deeper. 

To work with and in the present moment. 

Not to push. 

Not to pull. 

Just to be. 

You’re welcome to come 15 minutes early to settle in, relax, do whatever you need to do. 

Prepare to get sweaty. Just in case. 

Prepare to laugh (you never know!)

And prepare to find that peace and quiet - that “me” time that you deserve. 

Especially in our end meditation. 

You’ll leave feeling radiant - a by-product of taking the time out to connect with yourself. 

Classes are $15 each or you can buy 10 for $120, or 20 for $200.

They’re run on a casual basis

(so you can come as many times a week as you like ;)) 

Bring a water bottle, a mat (or hire one for $1)

and comfy clothes that you can move around in.

See you there. 

Your friend,


1. How do I pay?

You can pay beforehand via direct debit or cash on arrival. 

2. What do I bring? 

A mat, if you have one, a drink bottle and some warm clothes and socks (optional) for the cool-down. 

3. What if I've never done yoga?

 Let me know it's your first time, and I'll look out for you. All classes are designed to be fun for all experience levels. 

4. What if I have an injury?

Let me know, and I'll offer you modifications where it's appropriate. 

Image by JD  Mason


  • MONDAYS - Yin 5:30-6:45 PM

  • TUESDAYS - Morning Flow 9:30-10:45

Whakatu Presbyterian Church Hall, Songer St


coming soon!

Image by Anupam Mahapatra
Image by Dane Wetton


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