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Connect, Play and Grow Together

Want to bond with your children, add to your games repertoire and have loads of fun without having to co-ordinate everything? Consider Family Theatre Sessions your go-to.

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A Family Theatre Session is a fun, energetic hour of theatre games and exercises carefully selected for you to help you strengthen your bonds as a family, discover one another's talents and powers of imagination, and play in a way that's fun for everyone

You don't want to play kids games, and kids don't want to listen to boring adult talk. But in a Theatre Session, you'll all be totally engaged as you're challenged to think in new ways, work together and express yourself! 

Kids love to play, and they love nothing more than when their parents join in. These sessions are a perfect way to nourish your family's feelings of understanding, teamwork, and light-heartedness.

Now, I know that the idea of "Theatre" and "Drama" can be daunting. Sometimes more so for parents than for the kids!

It can feel difficult to be "playful", when we're so full of worries, doubts, fears and responsibilities.

As a result we often shut off from our children, and they miss out on a vital need - to engage with you on a playful, carefree level. This is as true for young kids as it is for teenagers (if not more so at such a time of personal development!).

That's why having a professional teacher and mentor come in and facilitate an engaging session to connect the whole family can make a world of difference. 

You'll feel a sense of awe and wonder at your kids' imaginations, and they'll look to you for leadership and inspiration when they see you being thoughtful, creative, and open in the sessions. 

This in turn builds their trust in you (and yours in them), and deepens their respect.

Your children value what you value, and if they see you valuing self-expression and playfulness, they'll open up to you more and more with their creative ideas, personal thoughts, and insights. It's a great way to keep the channel of communication open with your kids, which becomes increasingly challenging as they grow older. 

What better way to show them you are open to hearing and receiving their ideas than to co-create in a playful way? In these games you see one another as equal, valuing each others ideas and suggestions. It paves the way for peaceful, understanding dialogue in day-to-day life. 

Having taught for over 6 years with students and clients from age 2-77, I place importance on making sure that we establish a basis of trust and mutual understanding first, so that our best, most playful self can be fully present and enjoy the process! 

My promise to you is that these sessions are empowering, trust-building, and fun. It is my mission to make sure no-one feels left out, dissed or unsupported during these sessions. 

I want the parents and the kids to come away feeling more united, more tight-knit and able to communicate more effectively. 

Whether you're into the creative/performing arts or not, these sessions can still deeply benefit the family. I ask a few necessary questions first about who you are, what the family dynamic is like and what you're hoping to achieve. It doesn't matter what "level of creativity" anyone has - everyone will still reap the benefits (which are more about connection as a family anyway). 

Then we go from there - based on the information I've been given, I design a session to suit your family's needs. 

The sessions can be focused on one of or a combo of the following elements:

  • team-building

  • sharing

  • storytelling

  • physical awareness

  • improv

  • Saying Yes

  • imagination

  • improving relationships

  • having fun!

Benefits for you as a family and as individuals:

  • improved communication

  • improved confidence for everyone

  • greater respect within the relationships (kids who see their parents give something new a go have great respect for them)

  • lots of new games to play together

I'm not necessarily going to ask you to do any "acting", the games are merely a medium of connecting to one another and opening the mind in a way that's exciting, playful and dynamic. 

If you're interested in having a better relationship with your kids, engaging them in something new, and creating memorable experiences together, get in touch today for a free discovery call. 

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1. What ages do you work with?

From age 5 upwards. 

2. What time of day would we do this?

On the weekend or after school/early evenings.

3. Where do we do this?

At your house, or I can arrange a venue at an extra cost.

4. My kids are shy, how would this work for you?

Having worked with many children, I find that the most common outcome is that the shy children have no problem joining in when their parents are also playing. I'm sensitive to people and what they need, and can often help people overcome initial feelings of shyness/self-consciousness. 

5. Does this work for kids with disabilities?

Potentially, I'm happy to talk more. 

6. Does this work for kids with anger management issues?

It can certainly help, I'm happy to talk more. 

7. Can we do it with another family?

Absolutely, the more the merrier!

8. Do you do parties?

Yes I do, I have a huge range of games that work great for parties. 

9. Can you do it just with the children and not with the adults?

Not really - the aim of this session is to strengthen the parent-child relationship. There's a much bigger benefit for everyone when the parents are involved. 

10. Do you do coaching?

Yes, I offer Creative Mentorship for kids age 11-18, and offer Playful Parent Mentorship for parents who want a more peaceful, harmonious relationship with their kids. 

Interested? Get in touch to book your call and let's make the magic happen. 

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